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Watch 5. The Great Unconformity and Megasequences

Watch 5. The Great Unconformity and Megasequences


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5. The Great Unconformity and Megasequences

Creation Bundle • 18m

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  • 6. Nautiloid Fossils in the Grand Canyon

    Steve Austin visits a spectacular fossil bed within the Redwall Limestone in the Grand Canyon. The bed contains abundant nautiloids that appear to have been killed simultaneously. He and Del Tackett finish their trip to Grand Canyon discussing how the huge layers of rocks are a memorial to God’s...

  • 7. An Overview of the Rocks & Fossils

    Marcus Ross gives a tour of the fossil record from the lowest Paleozoic layers up through the highest Cenozoic layers. He explains how the fossil record generally moves from deep marine creatures to terrestrial creatures, revealing how different communities were captured during the global Flood.

  • 8. The Fossil Record & Design

    Marcus Ross discusses how the fossil record fits with the history explained in Genesis. Abundant marine fossils on the continents and the appearance of animal trackways before body fossils are best explained by a global Flood. He then examines how design can be seen in fossil organisms, from comp...