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Watch 14. The Ice Age & Climate Change

Watch 14. The Ice Age & Climate Change


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14. The Ice Age & Climate Change

Creation Bundle • 20m

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  • 15. Exploring Fossils & Paleocurrents

    Art Chadwick shows Del Tackett his collection of over 20,000 fossils gathered from Hanson Ranch. These include fossils from Triceratops, Edmontosaurus, and Nanotyrannus. Art explains how fossils are formed and how they change from the top to the bottom of the Mesozoic rock layers. He also explain...

  • 16. Catastrophe & Complexity in the F...

    Art Chadwick explains how various aspects of the fossil record—including dinosaur footprints, death postures, and dinosaur eggs— fit with the idea of a global Flood. He then talks about evolutionary trees and the complexity that is evident even in the fossils found in the lowest rock layers.

  • 17. Radioisotope Dating 1: Overview &...

    Andrew Snelling explains the principles of radioisotope dating as well as the assumptions necessary for these methods. He explains why he thinks radioisotope decay was accelerated during the Flood and includes evidence from radiohalos and helium diffusion rates.