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Watch 6. The Importance of History - Paul Nelson

Watch 6. The Importance of History - Paul Nelson


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6. The Importance of History - Paul Nelson

Creation Bundle • 7m 55s

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  • Bonus: Engineering the Universe

    Featuring: Stuart Burgess, PhD (Mechanical Engineer) at Wheat field & Reelfoot Lake, TN. Dr. Burgess explains how creation in six normal days is the best way to understand how God engineered the entire universe. From the implementation of physical laws, to the structure of water and light, to the...

  • Bonus: The Ice Age & Climate Change

    Featuring: Larry Vardiman, PhD (Atmospheric Scientist) at Mount Baker, Washington. Dr. Vardiman looks at how the Flood was the cause of the Ice Age during the Post-Flood epoch, the relationship between current ideas of climate change and the Flood, and the interpretation of ice cores in Greenland...

  • Bonus: Creation & the Church

    Featuring: Douglas Kelly, PhD (Theologian) at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Tennessee. Dr. Kelly examines the history of the different views of creation and evolution throughout the history of the Christian church. Starting with the Church Fathers and going up to the present, he looks at how the ...