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Watch Is Genesis History? Feature Film

Watch Is Genesis History? Feature Film

Is Genesis History? Feature Film

Creation Bundle • 1h 44m

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  • Bonus: Q&A with Del Tackett and Scien...

    Featuring: Del Tackett, DM; Robert Carter, PhD; Danny Faulkner, PhD; Andrew Snelling, PhD. This brief discussion explores what to do after watching film, the nature of science and authority, the problems with theistic evolution, and the future of creation science.

  • Bonus: Ark Encounter

    Featuring Del Tackett with college students; Isabelle Hartokolis, Abigail Sickbert, and Aleks Nosewicz discussing creation at Ark Encounters.

  • 1. Mount St. Helens: Catastrophic Geo...

    Steve Austin provides an overview of the events of the 1980 volcanic eruption and subsequent mudflows. He explains how geologic processes associated with the volcano and its aftermath can teach us about even larger catastrophic processes that occurred during the global Flood.