Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol. 2 : Life & Design

Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol. 2 : Life & Design

Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 2. Life & Design provides an overview of the structures and systems found throughout creation. It explores the fascinating fields of biology, genetics, and intelligent design through 16 in-depth interviews with Del Tackett and six scientists featured in the film.

These videos provide much more insight into the science behind the documentary Is Genesis History? They are designed to be used by small groups, families, or students.

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Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol. 2 : Life & Design
  • 1. Introduction to Created Kinds

    Todd Wood introduces the concept of ‘created kinds’ then talks about how that explains the origin of species we see in the world today.

  • 2. The Power of Natural Selection

    Todd Wood discusses natural selection in light of animal designs, then looks at the evolutionary ‘tree of life’ versus the creationist ‘orchard of life.’

  • 3. The Origin of Flight & Mosaic Animals

    Todd Wood compares the creationist view of the origin of flight with the evolutionary view, then explores mosaic animals.

  • 4. Humans & Apes

    Todd Wood talks about the hominid fossil record and discusses different types of humans compared to non-human primates.

  • 5. Amazing Relationships Throughout Creation

    Kurt Wise explains how God created the world as a series of complex, interconnected, and mutual relationships that can be seen in plants, animals, and bacteria.

  • 6. How the Natural Realm Reflects God

    Kurt Wise shows how God has created the world to reveal His unique attributes, then talks about why science is such an important responsibility for Christians to pursue.

  • 7. The Design of Earth & Stars

    Stuart Burgess explores how God designed different parts of the planet during the first four days of creation, including the irreducible complexity in many systems and materials.

  • 8. The Design of Animals & People

    Stuart Burgess examines the unique features of birds, fish, and animals before looking at the amazing complexity of man.

  • 9. Diversity & Design in the Ocean

    Rob Carter explains how the oceans are incredibly complex parts of God’s creation, from ecosystems to genetics to internal structure.

  • 10. Evolution, Creation, & the Order of Species

    Rob Carter compares creation and evolution, then looks at how genetics and design lead to unique types of species.

  • 11. The Extraordinary Design of DNA

    Rob Carter explores the four-dimensional genome, showing how it works on many different levels and how it is far more complex than any computer we have created.

  • 12. Using DNA as a Clock

    Rob Carter provides an overview of how specific parts of the genome can be used for dating purposes, as well as how they point to our descent recently from just a few people.

  • 13. Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Bones

    Kevin Anderson explains the unique discovery of soft tissue from a triceratops horn, discusses questions about soft tissue, and considers what it means for creation and evolution.

  • 14. Evolution & Mutations

    Kevin Anderson talks about the importance of time to evolution, what mutations actually do, and why recent creation is the best explanation for what we see in the world.

  • 15. Exploring Paradigms & Design

    Paul Nelson compares the conventional paradigm with the historical Genesis paradigm, then discusses the importance of intelligent design, genetics, and language.

  • 16. Intelligent Design in Nature

    Paul Nelson looks at the way a supercomputer works compared to a bacterial cell, then explores the countless things any paradigm of origins must necessarily explain.

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