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Watch 10. Evidence of the Catastrophic Past

Watch 10. Evidence of the Catastrophic Past


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10. Evidence of the Catastrophic Past

Creation Bundle • 22m

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  • 11 The Rapid Formation of Coal

    Kurt Wise goes into the air shaft of an old coal mine to explore the origin of coal. He explains how the conventional model of coal formation in swamps is insufficient for explaining the coal beds we actually see. He talks about research done by Steve Austin in terms of floating log mats.

  • 12 The Order of the Fossils

    Kurt Wise looks at plant fossils and explains how they are important to understanding the fossil record. He shows how the pre-Flood world would have had different unique biomes—such as a Floating Forest—which explain the unique order of fossils laid down during the global Flood.

  • 13. After the Flood & the Nature of S...

    A waterfall provides an informative location for Kurt Wise to discuss what the world was like after the Flood, from giant volcanoes, to animal dispersion, to the Ice Age. In closing, Kurt Wise and Del Tackett address why some believers doubt or refuse to accept the Genesis account of origins.