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Watch 12 The Order of the Fossils

Watch 12 The Order of the Fossils


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12 The Order of the Fossils

Creation Bundle • 21m

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  • 13. After the Flood & the Nature of S...

    A waterfall provides an informative location for Kurt Wise to discuss what the world was like after the Flood, from giant volcanoes, to animal dispersion, to the Ice Age. In closing, Kurt Wise and Del Tackett address why some believers doubt or refuse to accept the Genesis account of origins.

  • 14. The Ice Age & Climate Change

    Larry Vardiman explains how the global Flood set up the unique conditions necessary for an ice age to occur. He also discusses climate change and the reliability of ice core dating.

  • 15. Exploring Fossils & Paleocurrents

    Art Chadwick shows Del Tackett his collection of over 20,000 fossils gathered from Hanson Ranch. These include fossils from Triceratops, Edmontosaurus, and Nanotyrannus. Art explains how fossils are formed and how they change from the top to the bottom of the Mesozoic rock layers. He also explain...